Welcome to First Class Web Design

First Class Web Design is the firm that covers all your Web Design needs, whether you are a large or small business, a single operator or a private individual.

Visitors please note: this site is a mock up which is just for testing a few ideas of mine such as the CSS menu (a very simple unordered list, easy to maintain and not a jot of JavaScript in it), the CSS layout (there are no tables in this site - not even on the Contact Form, which also has some interesting CSS features) and the placing of the footer at the bottom of the page, regardless of the length of the page or the size of the window. The header is quite interesting too in that the items are all floating over the simple background image which is in the stylesheet too and not in the page code. Menu and footer are Server Side Includes and so common to the entire site for ease of maintenance. Incidentally, there are no 'IE hacks', so the spacing on the footer between the line and the text below is a compromise between getting a reasonable appearance in both IE and Mozilla browsers. The placement of the footer is probably faulty in Konqueror and Safari - you can't win them all.

Accessibility is good too - this site validates to Level 3 'Cynthia Says', which means that it is probably one of very few sites in the world which reach this level from a technical point of view (and I'd love to hear from anyone who has comments about the visual aspects of accessibility) and is certainly well within UK Government and Local Authority requirements and the requirements of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act).

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